Mitsubishi Motors Europe B.V. (MME) is the European headquarters of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC).

After more than 35 years of presence in Europe, Mitsubishi Motors has selected the Maastricht area in the south of The Netherlands for its regional hub - at the very heart of Europe - covering the following activities:

  • Sales and Marketing of Mitsubishi Motors parts & accessories in Europe (34 markets).
  • Parts & accessory distribution for Europe
  • Logistics of vehicles within Europe
  • Technical Services (field service, technical training, quality management and warranty functions) for all Mitsubishi Motors local Distributors and customers in Europe.
  • Vehicle Sales and Marketing

Beyond, five specific areas deserve a special mention:

Parts & accessories warehousing at Mitsubishi Motors’ European Distribution Centre (EDC)

Covering 55,000 m² and with a turnover of € 370 million a year, the EDC enables MME to provide customers across Europe with a fast and accurate supply of parts with optimized inventory levels.

Opened in 2006, Mitsubishi Motors’ EDC is connected to tri-module transport modes; ship, train and truck. In today’s fast inter-connected world, this flexibility is the guarantee that Mitsubishi customers all over Europe will benefit from a rapid & tailor-made service provided by the EDC team members.

Next to the traditional supply flow to Mitsubishi Motors’ 34 national distributors, a further service called “Dealer Direct Delivery Concept” will allow for a direct delivery to the local dealership in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Switzerland and Denmark (as of now). The same applies for Spain and Portugal via the Regional Distribution concept serving the Iberian Peninsula.

Sales and Marketing of Mitsubishi Motors Parts & Accessories

Mitsubishi Motors Europe Sales and Marketing team is based on three basic elements: Parts & Accessories development, Marketing and Sales support.

  • Parts & accessories department creates in cooperation with strong A-label suppliers specially designed products for the European market.
  • Marketing & communications department creates and develops new loyalty aftersales programs and aftersales promotion tools for the European market to support distributor activities and meet latest customer demands.
  • Sales department provides and controls value added sales support for its European distribution network.

Technical Services

Mitsubishi Motors Europe’s Technical Service team is a service provider, providing all technical services to our distributors. In addition, the Technical Service team collects, for MMC, quality information from the field to support continuous product improvements to order to augment customer satisfaction and reduce warranty costs.

The following services are provided:

Service support, technical (trouble shooting) support, (recall) campaign coordination with authorities and manufacturers, new model launch support, service literature translation and distribution, coordination and execution of EU directives such as “End of Life Vehicle” and “Euro 5” regulations, customer letters, technical training, diagnostic equipment and special service tools, quality management, local parts and accessory quality follow up and development support as well as all warranty functions for all Mitsubishi Motors’ Distributors and customers throughout Europe.

"Supply Chain Management" (SCM) for all Mitsubishi Motors vehicles

Mitsubishi Motors Europe’s SCM team manages the vehicle logistics for 34 countries in Europe within a global web of 5 factory locations around the world: three in Japan, one in Thailand and one in North America.

Once at the port of entry in Europe, the SCM department distributes the Mitsubishi cars throughout the regions whether directly to the dealer location or to the national Distributors compound & preparation center.

For this complex process, SCM makes the best use of all available modes of transportation such as deep sea, rail, barge and trucking to ensure the highest quality levels, to avoid damages along the distribution flow and to have a low environmental impact.

Planning and Ordering (P&O) of vehicles sold in Europe

Mitsubishi Motors Europe's P&O team handles all the ordering related activities for built-up vehicles sold in Europe. Every single order is collected by the P&O department, sent to respective factories and all the necessary information until delivery is communicated to distributors.

Furthermore, the P&O department makes a short-term production plan respecting on the one hand customer’s requirements, and on the other hand the production constraints of factories. This is essential to deliver the right car at right place at the right time.

Information Management (IM) department

Information is one of the critical success factors of MME. A major part of this information is supplied by computer systems. The Information Management (IM) department is responsible for offering systems and communication that adequately supports the business processes of MME. The IM Department is also responsible for proper operating of these systems and the correct processing of the information, according to agreed service levels.

The IM Department’s goal is to improve MME’s competitiveness through Information Technology, by: Adding maximum business value by providing high quality IT solutions at the right cost.

Mitsubishi Motors Europe BV receives full AEO certificate.

AEOMME has been awarded in December 2011 with the full Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status by Dutch customs administration. The AEO certification is an internationally recognized security and customs standard for companies operating within the international supply chain. With this AEO certificate the Dutch customs see MME as a reliable partner. By obtaining the full AEO certificate MME is certified for security, safety and customs simplifications.

Since the certificate is granted goods can easily get through customs control. This leads to less logistic delays and lower administrative costs and finally a safer supply chain. The success for obtaining the AEO certificate is primarily due to the continued efforts of the MME staff at both the preparations and during the audits.